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We're a Carbon Neutral Studio!

Updated: May 10, 2022

To keep Australia (and the planet) beautiful - we are now a carbon neutral studio, via the carbon offset calculator @CarbonReduction.

Carbon Neutral Studio
Carbon Neutral Studio

A Small Step

We've taken steps to eliminate waste in our business and offset the carbon emissions we can't eliminate.

Product Selections

Wherever possible, we try and select products that have some level of environmental certification; such as;

  • Greentag

  • FSC

  • Woolmark

  • Fairtrade

  • Wels

  • Energy Star

  • Low VOC paints

  • E0 Board Products

Recycled Content & Product Kilometers

Sometimes we look at recycling products and repurposing them if applicable. We prefer to specify local products, that have a smaller footprint for transport & waste production.

In House

We buy fair trade organic coffee, use natural cleaning products, and filter our tap water. I find these don't really add to our overall costs, but make a difference. To uplift and inspire us, while keeping the air clean, we use diffuser or room spray essential oils depending on what we need to achieve. We also opt to cycle to local appointments, (weather permitting) and leave the car behind. If we need to do a longer trip, we bundle our appointments together for the area, or if flying we offset our carbon directly via online booking. We also run a near paperless office. Marking up drawings with a tablet is easy, and portable - no scanning required!

What are your favourite tips to keep your office healthy & your effect on the planet positive? To offset your carbon footprint, head to - it only takes a few minutes.


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